Featured Client: Redhill Towing

For more than 40 years, Redhill Towing has been setting the standard for excellent service in Marin County. With Joe Paz in the driver's seat, Redhill has been a solid business performer. Recently Joe had the opportunity to bid for a very desirable AAA contract, and he turned to Ghirardo CPA for the help he needed in navigating the complexities of the bidding process, including projecting revenues and expenses, identifying key metrics, and submitting a competitive, viable bid. Now that Redhill has been awarded the contract, Joe continues to rely on us to help him manage the rapid growth. What the client has to say: “Jerry Ghirardo has been very helpful in assisting our company, Redhill Towing, Inc., in obtaining our new AAA emergency roadside assistance contract which enlarges our service area to much of Marin County. Jerry and his team at Ghirardo CPA are extremely professional and always live up to their commitments in taking care of our financial, tax and consult needs. I am very pleased with our relationship with Ghirardo CPA and the services they offer."

Joe Paz, President & Owner Redhill Towing, Inc.

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Featured Client: Kala Brand Music

Petaluma-based Kala Brand Music has carved out a unique niche in the world of musical instrument manufacture and sales. With over 120 ukulele models of all sizes, woods, and sounds, they are experiencing exceptional growth.

Ghirardo CPA's Business Services team functions as Kala's "virtual controller," working together to monitor and manage their cash flow, develop budgets, and evaluate new strategies as their business grows. A successful financing strategy has been crucial to this growth, so we recommended an increase in their line of credit and assisted them in obtaining an increase with Sonoma Bank.

Additionally, founder Mike Upton knows that his employees are the key to Kala's success, so the Kala executive team is creating incentives and bonus programs to reward employees for their hard work. We have had the privilege of discussing these matters with them.

Kala knows first-hand that they can count on GCPA for help when they need it most, even after hours. During a recent month-end processing cycle, we discovered that Kala's primary Quickbooks data file was reporting data corruption. Our on-site team quickly launched a coordinated diagnose-and-repair operation with the help of Intuit's tech support and GCPA's internal IT staff. We stayed with them until the problem was resolved and normal work could resume.

What the client has to say: "There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. Ghirardo has the expert tax, accounting and financial counsel I need to move my business forward. Mike Shimmin helps us to see Kala’s financial picture in a simple, clear and concise way that allows us to make solid business decisions." --Mike Upton, Founder

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Featured Client: LVPMarin Realtors

Catherine Munson founded LVPMARIN REALTORS® in 1967. This high-level professional boutique real estate firm provides direct "hands on" attention to all their clients. Catherine has a unique specialization in Eichler homes; she has been facilitating sales of these distinctive properties since they were first built more than 40 years ago. Her charming and gracious style endears her to clients and business associates alike. Catherine relies on Ghirardo CPA not only for our professional handling of both her personal and corporate tax returns, but also for consultation that helps her provide even better service to her clients as they navigate through the often-complex interactions between real estate, taxes and other financial matters.

Catherine Munson

What the client has to say: "I am a thoroughly sincere and enthusiastic supporter of Ghirardo CPA. The partners are incredibly bright, and they couple their intelligence with a strong sense of ethics. They always make themselves available for consultation when I need clear and strong answers. Their professional talents are invaluable to me as I navigate ever more complex tax situations in a changing world.

The entire GCPA team is bright and professional; they watch all the details of my tax life, and they are most helpful in planning for the future. I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone, from a modest conservative client to a robustly growing young company in uncharted territory. I know they will be in excellent hands."

--Catherine H. Munson Founder/CEO LVPMarin Realtors

Our commitment to helping our clients succeed is the cornerstone of our business. Let us know how we can assist you.

Personal Finance 101: The Ray Lucia Show

Watering the Money TreeAre you interested in learning more about personal finance but not sure where to begin?  There are a number of good books on the subject; however, I’m sure many of you don’t find the idea of spending the tiny bit of free time you have reading books on personal finance particularly enticing.  Perhaps an audiobook or radio show podcast that you can listen to during your commute or while you’re working in the yard would be a better alternative.  I can recommend a few that I have found to be better than most at providing good information about personal finance without being overly technical, unbearably boring, or too focused on selling their particular products or services.

My first recommendation is The Ray Lucia Show podcast.  The Ray Lucia Show can be heard live in the Bay Area on AM1220 (KDOW) every weekday from 9am-12pm, but it can also be downloaded as a podcast through iTunes or at www.businesstalkradio.net .

Note: While you can learn quite a bit about personal finance from listening to The Ray Lucia Show, keep in mind that the information is general in nature and may not be appropriate for your specific circumstances.  Always consult your tax and/or investment advisor before acting on any of the advice given on the show.

Stay tuned for more recommendations in future installments of Personal Finance 101…

Featured Client: Turrentine Brokerage

Bill Turrentine "The team at Ghirardo has done a great job for us over the years. They are not just accountants; they are strategic thinkers who have helped us to discover opportunities we didn't know existed. On multiple occasions, they have provided unexpected insights that have proven to be very profitable. I recommend them highly and without qualification."

--Bill Turrentine, Chairman Turrentine Brokerage

At Ghirardo CPA, we pride ourselves on combining technical excellence with a passionate commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals. Let’s explore how we can be your partner in success. contact us

Hometown fun! Movies in the Park

Ghirardo CPA is pleased to sponsor "Movies in the Park" at Pioneer Park (map) this Saturday evening, July 9, 2011.  The Karate Kid starts at dusk, but you can come early for a tennis game or a BBQ of your own.  Great place for kids and grandkids.

If you haven't been there recently, Pioneer Park has a large updated play structure for the kiddies, several picnic tables and benches, grills, 4 lighted tennis courts, a big paved walking path, restrooms, and lots of lush green grass.  It is handicap accessible and wheelchair-friendly on the paved path.  Great place for kite flying and Frisbee or football tossing.  Dogs allowed on leash.

We hope to see you there. Hometown fun for everyone!

Featured Client: Johann Paul Jewelers

The designers at Johann Paul produce exquisite hand-engraved jewelry that is enjoyed all over the world.  Ghirardo CPA handles their financial records with the same care and attention to detail that they give to their fine custom jewelry designs. We put their accounting records under the "loupe", checking for “cut, clarity, and color”, and reconciling to all vendor and financial institution statements for both current and historical data. We ensure that quality and value is retained in all of their business records, systems, and procedures. With Ghirardo CPA as their trusted partner, Johann Paul is growing and shining as one of the Bay area's premier jewelers, confident in the knowledge that their financial needs are being met.

Johann Paul Jewelers

What the Client has to Say:

"Ghirardo CPA handles our business and personal tax, finance, and accounting needs.  They are full service and do a very good job.  They continue to streamline our business and help us with our accounting, taxes, real estate, retirement plans, and freeing up our time.

Jim Teague is the best. He has helped us all along the way, bringing in all the resources and expertise we have needed to grow and evolve our business.  Jim has been very supportive and is always on top of everything we need.  We value his business help and friendship. Ghirardo CPA is the complete package, and we highly recommend the firm!"

--Johann deBlaauw, Johann Paul Jewelers

Our commitment to helping our clients succeed is the cornerstone of our business. Let us know how we can assist you.