Featured Client: Kala Brand Music

Petaluma-based Kala Brand Music has carved out a unique niche in the world of musical instrument manufacture and sales. With over 120 ukulele models of all sizes, woods, and sounds, they are experiencing exceptional growth.

Ghirardo CPA's Business Services team functions as Kala's "virtual controller," working together to monitor and manage their cash flow, develop budgets, and evaluate new strategies as their business grows. A successful financing strategy has been crucial to this growth, so we recommended an increase in their line of credit and assisted them in obtaining an increase with Sonoma Bank.

Additionally, founder Mike Upton knows that his employees are the key to Kala's success, so the Kala executive team is creating incentives and bonus programs to reward employees for their hard work. We have had the privilege of discussing these matters with them.

Kala knows first-hand that they can count on GCPA for help when they need it most, even after hours. During a recent month-end processing cycle, we discovered that Kala's primary Quickbooks data file was reporting data corruption. Our on-site team quickly launched a coordinated diagnose-and-repair operation with the help of Intuit's tech support and GCPA's internal IT staff. We stayed with them until the problem was resolved and normal work could resume.

What the client has to say: "There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. Ghirardo has the expert tax, accounting and financial counsel I need to move my business forward. Mike Shimmin helps us to see Kala’s financial picture in a simple, clear and concise way that allows us to make solid business decisions." --Mike Upton, Founder

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