Personal Finance 101: The Ray Lucia Show

Watering the Money TreeAre you interested in learning more about personal finance but not sure where to begin?  There are a number of good books on the subject; however, I’m sure many of you don’t find the idea of spending the tiny bit of free time you have reading books on personal finance particularly enticing.  Perhaps an audiobook or radio show podcast that you can listen to during your commute or while you’re working in the yard would be a better alternative.  I can recommend a few that I have found to be better than most at providing good information about personal finance without being overly technical, unbearably boring, or too focused on selling their particular products or services.

My first recommendation is The Ray Lucia Show podcast.  The Ray Lucia Show can be heard live in the Bay Area on AM1220 (KDOW) every weekday from 9am-12pm, but it can also be downloaded as a podcast through iTunes or at .

Note: While you can learn quite a bit about personal finance from listening to The Ray Lucia Show, keep in mind that the information is general in nature and may not be appropriate for your specific circumstances.  Always consult your tax and/or investment advisor before acting on any of the advice given on the show.

Stay tuned for more recommendations in future installments of Personal Finance 101…