Featured Client: LVPMarin Realtors

Catherine Munson founded LVPMARIN REALTORS® in 1967. This high-level professional boutique real estate firm provides direct "hands on" attention to all their clients. Catherine has a unique specialization in Eichler homes; she has been facilitating sales of these distinctive properties since they were first built more than 40 years ago. Her charming and gracious style endears her to clients and business associates alike. Catherine relies on Ghirardo CPA not only for our professional handling of both her personal and corporate tax returns, but also for consultation that helps her provide even better service to her clients as they navigate through the often-complex interactions between real estate, taxes and other financial matters.

Catherine Munson

What the client has to say: "I am a thoroughly sincere and enthusiastic supporter of Ghirardo CPA. The partners are incredibly bright, and they couple their intelligence with a strong sense of ethics. They always make themselves available for consultation when I need clear and strong answers. Their professional talents are invaluable to me as I navigate ever more complex tax situations in a changing world.

The entire GCPA team is bright and professional; they watch all the details of my tax life, and they are most helpful in planning for the future. I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone, from a modest conservative client to a robustly growing young company in uncharted territory. I know they will be in excellent hands."

--Catherine H. Munson Founder/CEO LVPMarin Realtors

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