In today’s fast-paced business world, sound advice from a trusted source is a must. You need a partner who will offer solutions to your pressing business concerns, not simply crunch numbers.

The team at Ghirardo CPA consists of highly qualified financial consultants who are much more than your typical bean counters.

In fact, we make it a priority to build long-term relationships with our clients so we can offer solutions tailored to your unique situation. The better we know you, the more we can help your business grow and excel. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to your business concerns and the impact they have on your quality of life. We then take this knowledge and understanding to provide creative solutions for your concerns.

In addition to the services we provide on financial, tax and estate planning matters, our business consulting team provides a wide range of value-added consulting services.

At Ghirardo CPA, we truly enjoy combining our technical expertise with our ability to think creatively to offer consulting services that enhance your success.